The Environmental Purchaser

The land market is changing due to the fascinating collision of Covid lockdowns, resulting in a desire for open space and gathering momentum towards going green.

These forces are driving sales for both smaller parcels and larger blocks of land across the county.

Until recently land that would have been seen by the agricultural purchasers as marginal now attracts interest from a growing environmental market. These environmental purchasers are prepared to buy land for a variety of reasons including tree planting under the new woodland creation grant. These new purchasers are challenging the more traditional amenity buyer. All this makes for a buoyant market on smaller parcels.

Another interesting trend has been a shift in mind set from the pure agricultural purchaser who is prepared to consider adding to existing holdings by purchasing land with good environmental credentials. We may have very little details of the new ELM Schemes, but some forward-thinking farmers are already buying poorer agricultural blocks with this in mind. The thinking being that they can use this land to meet the new greener requirements for agricultural funding whilst continuing to farm their better land more commercially.

Land brought to the market can now attract interest from businesses trying to improve their carbon footprint and they are often prepared to pay a premium for this. How much advertising now centres on a tree being planted for every purchase made? This trend only seems set to continue.

All in all, this makes for a positive and dynamic time in the Yorkshire land market.

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