Sheep Market update

Whilst numbers of fat lambs coming forward are tight, demand for store lambs is stronger than ever!

Similar to other markets across the country, numbers of well finished lambs are few and far between, with the delayed grass growth, turnips taking a long time to establish and high feed prices having a huge effect on farmers decisions wether to feed or not. Be in no doubt, well fed lambs have been in demand with recent sales achieving 302ppkg for indoor finished lambs and top grossing prices of £140+.

Leaner and lighter types have very limited interest in the fat market, but our recently re-established store/ breeding sheep sales have proved a huge success, with the best types regularly flying away to £120-£130.

All grades of lambs keenly sought after not only with local buyers but also from buyers coming from as far as Boston to stock up. We also managed to gain the highest average price for store lambs in the country on one occasion according to the farmers guardian and 2nd highest 2 sales ago. Store sales have run from the last week in August every fortnight and will continue to do so.

So in an uncertain time, we can say with confidence we have outlets for all types across both sales, but don’t leave it to luck to finish your lambs- perhaps an investment in feed now will look better than waiting until spring when potentially a lot more than usual will be on the market. Speak to Stephen Burley or James Kilner to explore what we can do for you.

James Kilner, Fieldsman and Trainee Auctioneer

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