Delinked payments: replacing the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS)

Further to the completion of BPS submissions for the 2023 scheme year and for the last time, please find further details below on the delinked payments which will replace BPS in 2024.

The RPA will pay delinked payments each year from 2024 to 2027. The amount applicants will receive each year will decrease with progressive reductions. You will not need any land or entitlements to receive delinked payments.

To receive delinked payments, you must:

  • be eligible – this means you must claim, and be eligible for, BPS payments in England in the 2023 scheme year (except for some inherited land).
  • have a reference amount

 Your reference amount will normally be your average BPS payment in the reference period, which is the BPS 2020 to 2022 scheme years. If you did not claim BPS in the reference period, you will only have a reference amount if BPS reference data has been transferred to you. Your BPS 2023 claim does not need to be for the same amount of land, or for land in the same part of England, as you claimed in the reference period.

You can receive delinked payments even if you have stopped being an active farmer post 15th May 2023. However, you will not be eligible for delinked payments if you have received a payment under the Lump Sum Exit Scheme.

Receiving delinked payments – you will not need to apply to receive delinked payments. Later this year the RPA will send a statement for applicants to review, illustrating your reference amount, which will be used for calculating your delinked payment.

If you would like to discuss de-linked payments further, please get in touch with Beth Dickinson:

Tel: 01653 692151


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