Agricultural Landlord & Tenant Code of Practice 2024


In 2022 the Tenancy Working Group, chaired by Baroness Rock, was instructed to undertake a review of tenant farming in England with 2 clear objectives:

  • How new government financial schemes should be accessible, open, and flexible to tenant farmers
  • To look at longer term changes to ensure a robust, vibrant, and thriving agricultural tenanted sector for the future.

In total, the group made 74 recommendations to DEFRA under 18 themes.


The Agricultural Landlord & Tenant Code of Practice is a part of DEFRA’s response to those recommendations and has been prepared by the Farm Tenancy Forum with consultation and endorsement from the CAAV, CLA, TFA, NFU, ALA, ACEA, ILG, NFYFC and the RICS.

This is a voluntary code to promote three main principles:

  • Clarity
  • Communication
  • Collaboration


The Code provides guidance for approaches, conduct and behaviours to granting, renewing and terminating tenancies, rent reviews, repairs and improvements, new opportunities, schemes and disputes and should be followed by Landlords, Tenants and any other party involved in the tenancy agreement.


To see the Code please click here.


If you have any queries regarding your tenancy agreement, please do get in touch with our Rural Team on 01904 489731.


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