A Celebration of Meat

At the weekend we had a family wedding and I was sat next to a charming young lady whose vegan principles were challenged by the fillet steak main course, although I did manage to persuade her to try the tiniest mouthful!

In sharp contrast, I returned to Yorkshire on Monday to the Fatstock Show where we had a magnificent array of beef cattle for Rob Featherstone to judge and it made me wonder for how much longer we shall see such sights if the green brigade have their way.

Echoing these thoughts, the Irish government last month called an international scientific conference where the main topic was the societal role of meat.

The conference ended with the Dublin Declaration which has so far been signed by 600 scientists across the globe, agreeing that human civilisation has been built on livestock for 5000 years and now forms the bedrock for the food security of modern society.

They concluded that well managed livestock systems can generate carbon sequestration, improve soil health, biodiversity and watershed protection amongst many other benefits.

If you have time to read it, do so, it makes such a change from the usual rubbish about scrapping meat and rewilding the entire countryside.

As the BPS support gradually dwindles, we should make sure the voice of livestock farmers is heard and sing the praises of grassland production which is being sadly overlooked.

I am afraid it is a matter of fact that if we don’t support the grassland farmer from the riverside meadows up to the moors, then the desolation of rewilding is inevitable.

Meanwhile, congratulations to the York Fatstock Champion Mark Robshaw and to the Reserve Champion Pip Dale, both of whom produce just the best beef.


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