The Machinery Year and Looking Ahead

 As a busy and eventful year of Machinery sales draws to a close with the November auction, the focus now starts on the Yorkshire Agricultural Machinery Show (YAMS) which takes place on Wednesday 2nd February 2022.

This year has seen a multitude of disruptions stemming from Brexit and Covid causing so many problems to manufacturing and the supply chain resulting in demand for second hand machinery staying strong throughout the year.  It is likely to be some time yet before supply catches up.

The online bidding system has proved increasingly popular as customers become more familiar with it and see its many benefits.  It is certainly here to stay in one form or another although live auctions will still have an important role in terms of authenticity, the buzz and the social interaction.  Hence the introduction of new hybrid auction in October combining the best of both worlds and giving customers the option to bid online or on site.

After missing out in 2021 due to lockdown, 2022 starts with YAMS, and it promises to be an exciting and busy event, full of new products and technology to meet the changes in agriculture with the emphasis on the environment and a net zero goal.

The role of data, robotics, autonomous machines and advanced devices will become more important in order to help make more accurate decisions to increase efficiency and profitability and offset the decreasing BPS payments.

Adapting to the changes will not be easy but needs to be done to meet the future environmental demands and the Show will provide the ideal opportunity to do the research and help meet these new challenges.


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