Keep your eyes peeled – a new round of larger productivity grants open in January 2022

The Farming Transformation Fund Improving Farm Productivity will be the next stage of the Farm Investment Fund (FIF) grants offering up to £500,000 for equipment to improve productivity. These grants are for capital items to improve farm and horticulture productivity through:

  • the use of robotic or autonomous equipment and systems to aid crop and livestock production
  • the installation of slurry acidification equipment (improved nutrient management, reduced ammonia emissions).

Items available under the grant include the following:

Robotic Equipment 
• harvesting, weeding & spraying equipment

• autonomous driverless tractors or platforms

• voluntary robotic milking system

• robotic feeding systems

• robotic transplanting

• advanced ventilation control units

• wavelength specific LED lighting for horticultural crops.

 Additional robotic items will be considered, as long as these have a sensing system, the ability to understand its environment, decision-making capability to plan, and control actuators.

Slurry – Mild acidification equipment
Equipment will be eligible that lowers the pH value of slurry using acid treatment to stabilize the ammonia, so increasing the availability of nutrients for plants, and reducing ammonia emissions.

For a system to be eligible, four elements need to be present: acid storage, dosing equipment, a mixing tank and a pump.

Grant Funding Available

The Scheme will pay 40% towards eligible costs, with a minimum grant of £35,000, requiring a minimum total spend of £87,500.

Application Period

The online eligibility checker will open in January for 8 weeks. The application will be awarded on a competitive basis. If a project is invited to the full application stage a detailed application will be required including cash flows, profit forecasts and employment levels.

Please contact Beth Dickinson for further details.

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